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 Effective communicators know that there are two parts to getting their message out:                      Knowing what they want to say and knowing how to say it.

 RELATIVITY Communications creates and executes great stories for exposing ideas, products,              and branding to a targeted audience.  We strive to be more than a service provider.  Pride in our work  and passion for delivering your message compels us to discover and enhance our client's message        with creativity, empathy, and a heavy dose of story-telling skills developed over decades of award-  winning experience. 

 The best thing about our work is that it works. And we've got the Metal to prove it. 

 RELATIVITY Communications. Award-winning communicators.

 We'll get your message out.


MI Healthy Mind

MI Healthy Mind is a 30-minute TV talk show with a focus on all things Health and Wellness, particularly in the mental health and behavioral sectors. MI Healthy Mind showcases real people, “the heroes” who have triumphed over their mental health issues. In the wake of incredible loss, or adversity, these people found a way to turn personal tragedy into hope.

Beyond The Badge

Produced for Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office, this is part of an online series called Beyond the Badge. Intended as a way to strengthen relations between WCSO deputies and the general public, BTB focuses on the efforts of WCSO from emergency dispatchers to deputies working with other organizations on issues such as mental illness. New deputies have commented that the series is what inspired them to apply.

New Ideas and New Attitudes for Law Enforcement Recruitment

Using video as a recruitment tool is the best way to offer a glimpse into a department’s culture, and the most effective medium for affording a real look at career opportunities and attracting exactly the right candidates. Through video storytelling, potential recruits can imagine themselves doing exciting, challenging and highly-rewarding work as law enforcement professionals.

More Than Just a Jail Tour

Here are in-depth interviews with incarcerated individuals, telling their stories from the inside, as well as the stories of corrections professionals who live side-by-side with them, attending to their physical, mental and emotional needs on a daily basis. At the Department of Corrections, "managing security by managing people" has been the key to ultimate and enduring success in helping inmates with successful re-entry into their communities.

NAMI Michigan

NAMI is the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to improving the lives of persons living with serious mental illness and their families. This PSA raises awareness of Kevin’s Law, which provides protection and care for individuals who have mental illnesses and may be impaired in their judgement about the need for treatment.

Team Wellness Center

For Team Wellness Center, as for any business, branding is essential. This is particularly true in the healthcare field. If done well, the unique brand of a business automatically becomes associated with its services, its reputation, and its "personality".  RELATIVITY Communications has created TV spots that not only reinforce the TW brand, but touch emotions in ways that will attract and retain patients. 


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